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14th of June 2018 10:51 AM Link
Steelworkers learning and sharing at the annual USW District 3 Summer School! #USWWorks #canlab
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14th of June 2018 07:13 AM Link
A must watch! #EndPensionTheft
13th of June 2018 06:28 AM Link
Steelworkers have played a key role in a new landmark labour law reform in Quebec banning two-tier pensions. From the Rio Tinto strike to the recent Ciment Lafarge, Resco strikes, through lockouts, lobbying and at all bargaining tables in between, Steelworkers have always been firm on resisting two-tier pensions. It is indeed a victory for workers.

More: #USWWorks #canlab #syndqc
12th of June 2018 03:45 PM Link
Steelworkers need quick action from the federal government to impose retaliatory tariffs on steel, aluminum and other imports from the U.S.

Support for workers and the communities we live in must be top of mind for the federal government. More: #canlab #cdnpoli
12th of June 2018 12:49 PM Link
As a union dedicated to social justice, we have always supported equality-seeking groups in our union, our workplaces, and in society. This month, Steelworkers from all across Canada join with LGBTQ2S+ communities to celebrate Pride Month.

USW National Director Ken Neumann's #Pride2018 statement: #USWWorks #canlab
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11th of June 2018 07:19 AM Link
Great turn out! Catch USW 9346 #WomenOfSteel's BBQ on June 19 and 25 if you missed out on this one! #USWCares #canlab
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27th of May 2018 05:47 AM Link
Something big is happening in Ontario. Be part of it by volunteering with your local NDP team.
9th of May 2018 01:01 PM Link
Turn the volume up on this video!!! Locked-out Quebec Steelworkers drove for more than 15 hours from Bécancour to be heard by Alcoa shareholders and to denounce an “absurd” lockout. Five representatives of the Steelworkers union, holding proxy powers to represent shareholders, will join the shareholders’ meeting and address Alcoa executives.
4th of May 2018 12:02 PM Link
USW District 6 is running four Steelworkers Vote schools during the Ontario General Election. Steelworkers can still apply for a spot in one of the schools in Toronto, Sudbury, Hamilton or London by going to

This election, learn with fellow Steelworkers about election campaigns, how to talk to other members on the issues that affect working people in this election and much more! Apply today at #USWVotes #canlab #onpoli
4th of May 2018 11:15 AM Link
There are numerous ways Canadian negotiators can ensure that a revised NAFTA agreement protects middle-class Canadians from the threat of China's anti-trade practices. Read more to see some of our ideas.
3rd of May 2018 12:30 PM Link
Platinum pension for execs but poverty pensions for workers? Unacceptable!

This morning we participated in an action today in solidarity with Unite The Union members who work for Irish Life, owned by Great West Life. Execs are meeting in downtown Toronto today and we are reminding them to end attack on workers’ pensions in Britain and Ireland.
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3rd of May 2018 07:11 AM Link
This week, labour issues are the forefront of topics being discussed in the Atkinson Foundation's podcast, Just Work It. Listen to how your workers are fighting for #DecentWork in their own communities and how they are involved in their unions. Check out episodes 4-6 at: #canlab #cdnpoli
2nd of May 2018 12:02 PM Link
RECALL ALERT! Honeywell has recalled hard hats due to risk of head injury. The hard hats can fail to protect the users from impact, posing a risk of head injury. These hard hats are sold in Canada and used in many of our workplaces. Please click the following link to review the recall:
2nd of May 2018 07:36 AM Link
After eight months of deadlock, #NAFTA negotiators are making progress on reaching a deal in principle.

However, Canadian negotiators must ensure that any new NAFTA agreement protects the Canadian economy from the destructive anti-trade practices of China. One need look no further than the Canadian steel industry to see why this is the case. Failing to do so risks jeopardizing the livelihoods of thousands of middle-class Canadians.

More at #USWWorks #canlab
1st of May 2018 12:23 PM Link
The politics of minimum wage, the rise of precarious work, a racialized labour market and the difficulties of joining a union. Read more on the issues facing Canadian workers this #MayDay: #canlab #cdnpoli
1st of May 2018 09:13 AM Link
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24th of April 2018 12:05 PM Link
At our 2016 USW National Policy Conference, #USW members passed a resolution supporting the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and living up to #UNDRIP is fundamental to the commission’s vision of reconciliation.

NDP MP Romeo Saganash's Bill C-262 will provide a practical, rights-based path "which Canada must follow to ensure that reconciliation is far-reaching and uncovers and redresses the colonial legacy embedded in Canada’s legal, economic, political and other systems."

More on what this bill means for thousands of Steelworkers: #USWWorks #canlab #cdnpoli
24th of April 2018 07:52 AM Link
Last year, we asked Mark’s Work Warehouse, FGL Sports and Canadian Tire if factories in Bangladesh have been made safe, and if worker rights are respected. They didn’t respond. Not to any one of us.

This year, on the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse which killed 1,129 Bangladesh garment workers, we will again email their presidents and CEOs.

Join us in sending a message: #canlab
18th of April 2018 08:22 AM Link
Our brother, Muhammad Umar, a Taxi Driver in Regina was violently attacked on April 13th. We believe that no worker should go to work to provide for their family only to pay with their health and safety or, tragically, their life.

We are inviting all taxi drivers and members of the public to a community forum on taxi worker safety:
Sunday, April 22, 2018, 4 p.m.
Turvey Center
100 Armour Rd., Highway 6 N., Regina.

There is also a fundraiser being put on by fellow Steelworkers to support Muhammad's family as he recovers. Those interested in contributing can contact the USW Regina office at 306-569-9663 or contribute via the GoFundMepage:
17th of April 2018 07:02 AM Link
This year's Steelworker Summer Program is still accepting applications from children and grandchildren of Steelworkers.

Interested? Check out for more info and to apply. The last day to submit applications is May 31st. #USWWorks #canlab