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20th of January 2018 05:55 AM Link
#USW welcomes a jury’s acquittal of three workers charged in the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic (MMA) train derailment in Lac-Mégantic, that left 47 people dead in 2013.
While the acquittal is a relief for the accused and all workers, it's unfortunate that to this day, neither Edward Burkhardt, MMA’s CEO and Chairman, nor the company, have had to face the courts. This is after a Federal government report stated that there was negligence and a deficient organizational and safety culture at MMA.

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19th of January 2018 07:35 AM Link
By increasing interest rates, the Bank of Canada is like the host at a party that removes the punch just as the party is about to begin. How? Increasing interest rates will dampen growing consumer demand and potential business investment. Generally, it's bad news for workers; it results in bargaining power being undermined and with it, the bidding up of their wages.
#canlab #cdnpoli
18th of January 2018 01:45 PM Link
Canadians across the country are participating in the #WomensMarch2018 on January 20th. Visit for the full schedule. We know our #WomenOfSteel will be representing across Canada! #USWWorks #canlab
18th of January 2018 06:52 AM Link
The lockout of USW Local 9700 members will cost ABI more than it will if they instead chose to resolve contentious issues in the bargaining.

"Why provoke a labour dispute that in the end will have a pricetag that exceeds the costs of all union proposals made at the bargaining table? There is something fishy here. Investors should demand answers from Alcoa," said USW Local 9700 President Clément Masse said. #canlab #syndqc
17th of January 2018 02:24 PM Link
#USW welcomes the announcement of the creation of a multi-stakeholder advisory body to advise the federal government on issues of human rights and business internationally. The fed government now needs to act swiftly on the creation of the new office of the Ombudsperson. More: #canlab #cdnpoli
17th of January 2018 07:01 AM Link
#FreedomMobile employees received notice of the call centre closure, happening in three waves. However, the first wave meant that some employees only received a couple of days notice of layoffs. USW Local 1944, Unit 505 member Jay Gannon on the call centre closure: #canlab
16th of January 2018 06:55 AM Link
TWU USW National Local 1944 is very disappointed with Shaw's plan to close the Freedom Mobile Call Centre in Windsor. Clearly profit over fair treatment for employees. #ThatsFreedom for you! #canlab
15th of January 2018 07:45 AM Link
The 2018 #USW Health, Safety and Environment Conference is happening in Pittsburgh, from March 26-30. Canadian Steelworkers are encouraged to attend this conference. Registration and schedule can be found at: #HSE2018 #USWWorks
13th of January 2018 09:12 AM Link
Allen Martin, whose brother, Glenn was one of the 26 #Westray miners, spoke to Global Halifax on what the Westray Memorial means to him and the other Westray families. Read and watch here:

The Westray Families Group still also has a bit more to go on the fundraising. USW National, USW District 6 and USW District 3 have each contributed $1250 to help preserve the #Westray Memorial. Please visit to donate what you can. #canlab
12th of January 2018 07:50 AM Link
Great column by USW District 6 Director Marty Warren on the Liberal government's half measures in #Bill148

While the bill gave Ontario workers a long-overdue increase in minimum wage, the government wasn't brave enough to provide service sector workers, like the thousands of Tim Hortons employees, with real access to unionization and collective bargaining. #canlab #onpoli
11th of January 2018 06:11 AM Link
On this day in 2000, more than 4,000 administrative and technical support staff at the University of Toronto ratified their first collective agreement as members of USW Local 1998, expanding the benefits of Steelworker representation to workers in higher education with the largest single organizing victory in years. Check out this clip from their local union newsletter in 2004! #USWTBT #TBT
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10th of January 2018 03:44 PM Link
USW Local 9700 voted to reject ABI's offer that moves away from a defined benefit pension plan and where seniority, transfers and turnovers are ongoing issues.

USW Local 9700 President Clément Masse urged ABI to resume negotiations and reach a settlement.

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10th of January 2018 08:11 AM Link
Contract cleaners, housekeepers and kitchen staff at the Cameco Mine in Cigar Lake, SK just voted to become the newest members of our Steelworkers family! They will now be working on bargaining a first agreement and will be a part of USW Local 8914. Leave a comment below to welcome our newest members! #USWWorks #canlab
9th of January 2018 06:45 AM Link
"It's sad, when these companies do this, there's no protection. You think when you retire they say, 'well, you got no worry now, you can retire, live happily ever after.' There's no such thing."

It's time to #EndPensionTheft Add your name here:
8th of January 2018 07:29 AM Link
The suspension of operations at the Birchtree Mine has cut the workforce to 837 workers and has proven to be a difficult time in the community of Thompson, Manitoba.

“What I do know about Thompson and the union and the company, we’ve weathered some tough storms... if we band together, if we get creative, Thompson can have a better outlook than what most people see now," said USW Local 6166 President Les Ellsworth. More: #USWWorks #canlab
5th of January 2018 07:16 AM Link
Do you know a Steelworker who gives back to their community? Nominate them for this year's #USWCares Jefferson Awards. Visit to share their story.
4th of January 2018 07:41 AM Link
Steelworkers in Alberta participated in Lobby Days at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton. The members represented mining, wood products, health care, telecommunications, manufacturing and steel. Read the report back here: #USWWorks #canlab
28th of December 2017 02:29 PM Link
26th of December 2017 08:10 AM Link
Steelworkers across the country are working hard this holiday season. Whether you come across a Steelworker at the airport, at hotels, at a credit union, calling into a call centre or come across a security guard – be kind and thank them for working during a very busy season. #USWMade
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24th of December 2017 09:12 AM Link
We want to wish our Steelworkers family from coast to coast to coast a peaceful and joyous holiday season!
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