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30th of August 2018 06:21 AM Link
#USW National Director Ken Neumann, USW District 3 Director Stephen Hunt and USW District 5/Syndicat des Métallos Director Alain Croteau joined Sindicato Minero "Los Mineros" President Napoleón Gómez Urrutia's swearing in as a Senator in Mexico. The swearing in marked Napoleón's return to Mexico after over 12 years of exile.

Read more here: #USWWorks #canlab #GlobalSolidarity
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29th of August 2018 09:12 AM Link
The Just Transition and Good Jobs for Alberta Reception and Conference is happening October 22-23, 2018 in Edmonton. This is a free event, presented by #USW Blue Green Canada and Unifor. Attendees must register at: #USWWorks #canlab
28th of August 2018 12:02 PM Link
After more than 12 years in exile, Los Mineros President Napoleón Gómez Urrutia returns to Mexico & is set to take the oath of office as a Senator on August 29th. A #USW delegation led by Canadian National Director Ken Neumann will be in attendance.

More: #USWWorks #canlab #GlobalSolidarity
28th of August 2018 05:00 AM Link
USW International President Leo Gerard's pens letter to Los Mineros President Napoleón Gómez Urrutia as he returns to Mexico to become a Senator.

With Napoleón's swearing-in to the Senate, a new world of possibilities begins for Los Mineros and the working class of Mexico. For the first time in decades, there is a real opportunity to transform the structures of worker representation, industrial justice and economic decisión-making to make democratic representation, real collective bargaining, decent wages and pro-worker policies available to Mexican workers.

Read the full letter at: #USWWorks #canlab #GlobalSolidarity
27th of August 2018 08:07 AM Link
TWU USW National Local 1944 Women of Steel participated in a day of action at the Russell Housing Centre in New Westminster, BC. Thank you to all who contributed and volunteered! 💙💛 #USWCares #canlab
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24th of August 2018 12:13 PM Link
"We're the largest steel producer in Western Canada. We're the number one producer of large diameter pipe in North America. It seems like a straight attack on us and the thousand members we have in Regina."

More: #canlab #cdnpoli
24th of August 2018 08:48 AM Link
USW Local 1-405 and two employers, Heritage Credit Union and HG Insurance have reached tentative agreements that contain real improvements in both collective agreements. Steelworkers will vote for the new contract on Aug. 24th. More: #USWWorks #canlab
22nd of August 2018 07:33 AM Link
Love, hope and optimism. 🧡💛💙
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20th of August 2018 08:27 AM Link
Possible safeguards came 10 weeks after the U.S. government imposed 25 per cent tariffs on Canadian steel imports.

“We’re not the issue. These countries that have caused the issue are going to be looking for somewhere else to dump, and we’ve got to be able to stop that.” More: #canlab #cdnpoli
14th of August 2018 01:19 PM Link
#USW welcomes the federal government's announcement to start consultations on steel safeguards and protection measures to counter steel dumping from the international market.

More: #USWWorks #canlab #cdnpoli
3rd of August 2018 08:11 AM Link
Steelworkers from USW Local 1-2017 working at Imperial Metals have now reached a new collective agreement, that ends a 71-day strike. More at: #USWWorks #canlab
31st of July 2018 03:44 PM Link
Steelworkers welcome the criminal charges against a company in the death of a Sudbury worker. There are still over 1,000 workers who die in the workplace each year but very few criminal charges are laid.

“We commend the Greater Sudbury Police Service for conducting a criminal investigation into this tragedy and for proceeding with Criminal Code charges,” said USW National Director Ken Neumann.

More: #StopTheKilling #NoMoreWestrays
27th of July 2018 08:44 AM Link
Sisters, you're invited to the 2018 International Women's Conference. Join your fellow Women of Steel from across North America, as well as sisters from our global union family, October 14 to 17, 2018 in Toronto. Conference details, including workshops, plenary sessions, travel and accommodations are at: #USWWomen #WoS #canlab #1u
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26th of July 2018 08:06 AM Link
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25th of July 2018 06:32 AM Link
USW Local 1976 members working at Delta Airlines operations in Canada just approved a new 5-year deal. Wins in the new contract include wage increases, shift premiums, defending the defined-benefit pension plan and language that maintains job security. A big thank you and congratulations to the bargaining committee! #USWWorks #canlab
24th of July 2018 08:21 AM Link
Over 1,500 #USW forestry workers at 23 worksites are preparing for strike votes in northern B.C.

Proposed changes to the collective agreement include leave for members struggling with domestic violence, union representation and pension funding improvement. Employers are enjoying one of best economic years and workers must also benefit from this.

More: #canlab #bclab
20th of July 2018 07:02 AM Link
In response to Shaw's demands of job security elimination, 0% annual wage increases, erosion of members' work and forcing employees to pay for work devices, TWU - USW Local 1944.Unit 60 gave a strike vote mandate of over 98%, with 85% of the membership casting a vote.

More: #canlab
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19th of July 2018 07:24 AM Link
It is abundantly clear that Canadian uranium exports do not present a national security threat to the U.S. There's no evidence to include Canada in the Section 232 investigation.

Targeting Canada’s uranium industry would be absurd and would suggest a deliberate escalation by the Trump administration – for its own political purposes – of a trade war with America’s closest ally.
18th of July 2018 12:38 PM Link
Since the January 11th lockout of USW/Syndicat des Métallos Local 9700 members by ABI, they have lost $468 million CAD in revenues.

“Alcoa and Rio Tinto are losing, the Quebec government and all Quebecers are losing, workers and their families are deprived of their livelihood and the entire community is affected. Everyone loses, so why let this continue? It is high time to abandon this approach and to get back to producing high-quality aluminum at an efficient and productive smelter that operates with green electricity," said local president Clément Masse. #syndqc #1u
17th of July 2018 12:43 PM Link
Every year, children and grandchildren of Steelworkers from across the country spend their summer at various #USW offices. This year, we've let them take over our Instagram account (😱😲) to post about what they're up to during Steelworker Summer. Open your instagram account and follow us @uswmetallos and get to know them in their Steelworker Summer adventure! #SWSTakeOver #NextGen
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