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18th of March 2019 06:54 AM Link
A step forward has been taken to reopen the Pointe-Noire pellet plant in Sept-Îles, Quebec. #USW/Métallos Local 6254 reached an agreement in principle with the employer, that calls for a collective agreement to be ratified by workers once back in operation.

Full story: #USWWorks #canlab #syndqc
15th of March 2019 01:28 PM Link
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15th of March 2019 01:20 PM Link
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15th of March 2019 10:31 AM Link
This morning we woke up to horrific news. In New Zealand, 49 Muslims were killed in two mosque shootings during prayer, with many more critically injured. Just before the mass shootings, the gunman published an anti-immigrant manifesto, praising U.S. President Donald Trump.

Steelworkers are committed to fighting hate, Islamophobia and racism wherever it exists – be it in our workplaces, our neighbourhoods or anywhere in the country. We know all too well that Canada is not immune to this kind of hateful act.

Steelworkers are encouraged to join a local action for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Contact your local union or find a local action:

Take up the fight in your community! Here are some things you can do: contact your district to enroll in a Human Rights course. Lobby for resources for your local human rights organizations or start a human rights committee at your local union, if there isn’t already one. #UniteAgainstRacism
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15th of March 2019 07:14 AM Link
Steelworkers make good neighbours - showing up when it matters most to help make the places where we live and work better for everyone. If you know someone who goes above and beyond with community service, nominate them today for a 2019 Jefferson Award: #USWCares
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14th of March 2019 10:03 AM Link
#USW Locals 2900 and 4487 who worked at John Inglis Co. in the Greater Toronto area produced some of labor's most impactful leaders - former USW International President Lynn Williams worked at the plant in the 1940's and USW International President Leo W. Gerard represented the locals as a staff rep during the 1970s and 1980s during some of their toughest fights.

Check out this music video of USW Locals 2900 and 4487's proud Steelworker history ⤵️ #USWtbt #tbt
13th of March 2019 07:32 AM Link
A community member approached USW Local 7884 about children at Elkford Elementary School in Ellkford, BC going without lunches and having inadequate clothing for the frigid winter weather. The local union quickly reached out to the school directly to check in on how they could help. Together, they determined that the best way to help was through the school's daily lunch program, to which the local union donated $500 to. In the coming weeks, the local union is also looking to donate some computers to the school for use by the students.

If you and your local have a similar story of helping out in your community, tell us about it at! #USWCares #canlab
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12th of March 2019 12:12 PM Link
Locked out member of USW/Métallos Local 9700 voted by 82% majority to reject ABI's contract offer that was full of setbacks.

"It just wanted to impose its will, counting on fatigue from by its 14-month lockout. The answer from our members is clear: it didn't work. The members don't want to go back on their knees," said Clément Masse, President of USW/Métallos Local 9700.

More: #canlab #syndqc
12th of March 2019 07:10 AM Link
#USW members are calling on the federal government to make the provisional steel safeguards permanent. Safeguards are an important legal tool to help stabilize our domestic steel market, in response to foreign steel dumping.

Approximately 22,000 people are directly employed in the steel sector and another 100,000 indirectly – these jobs are worth fighting for! That’s why we’re joining the Canadian Steel Producers Association campaign to make the safeguards permanent.

Find out more here: #cdnpoli #canlab
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11th of March 2019 07:03 AM Link
We've got an exciting agenda for our upcoming National Policy Conference happening in Vancouver! We'll start sharing parts of the agenda very soon, but first, we need you to register! If you've been chosen as one of your #USW local union delegates, you have until Wednesday, March 13th to register at: #USWMetallos #canlab
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9th of March 2019 09:42 AM Link
🍞&🌹 #USWWomen #IWD2019
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8th of March 2019 07:30 AM Link
Today is International Women's Day and Steelworkers are celebrating the great work that Women of Steel have done and are doing to make the world a safer, healthier place for all women.

Full statement from #USW National Director Ken Neumann: #USWWomen #IWD2019 #canlab
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7th of March 2019 03:35 PM Link
#USW National Director Ken Neumann congratulates Canada’s NDP / Le NPD du Canada Leader Jagmeet Singh on his recent win in #BurnabySouth

Steelworkers, Jagmeet will be joining us at our upcoming National Policy Conference in Vancouver. Register today: #canlab #USWMetallos19
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7th of March 2019 09:37 AM Link
Are you a delegate to the National Policy Conference? Don't forget to register at before the March 15th deadline! #USWMetallos19 #canlab
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6th of March 2019 08:12 AM Link
Locked out members of USW/Métallos 9700 will meet on Monday, March 11th to vote on a contract offer from ABI. USW/Métallos Local 9700 President Clement Massé is denouncing ABI's decision to present a comprehensive offer rather than pursuing a negotiated settlement, but in the interest of transparency, the union executive has chosen to submit the employer's offer to a secret-ballot vote.

More: #canlab #syndqc
5th of March 2019 01:11 PM Link
USW Local 14241 donated 16 new microwaves to St. Patrick Parish for St. Vincent de Paul in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The microwaves will go to families who are living in local motel rooms, with no way of heating their food.

Story here: #USWCares #canlab
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4th of March 2019 01:43 PM Link
The Steelworkers Northeastern Ontario Area Council got a special visit from homegrown USW Local 6500 activist, turned NDP MPP Jamie West Sudbury at the March delegates meeting. Jamie shared his journey from being the child of a single mother to a Steelworker activist and now a Member of Provincial Parliament. Thanks for the visit, Jamie! #USWUnity #canlab
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1st of March 2019 12:08 PM Link
After nearly 14 months of being locked out by ABI, USW/Métallos Local 9700 has received nothing but inaction from both the previous Quebec government and the new one that was sworn in five months ago. Steelworkers want to know from the Quebec Premier: What are you doing?

More: #canlab #syndqc #polqc
27th of February 2019 11:42 AM Link
After the #USW presented to the federal government's Canadian International Trade Tribunal, another ruling has been found in favour of Canadian Steelworkers. The tribunal ruled that dumping of corrosion-resistant steel by China, India, South Korea and Taiwan pose a threat to Canadian steel producers and workers. These four countries will be subjected to duties between 33% to 53% over the next five years.

Full story: #USWWorks #canlab #cdnpoli
26th of February 2019 06:10 AM Link
Congrats to our friend and Canada’s NDP / Le NPD du Canada Leader Jagmeet Singh on your by-election win in #BurnabySouth! This win marks a change of tide, showing that our party is on the move to show that there is another choice – one that puts people first.

More: #canlab #cdnpoli
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