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15th of May 2019 07:35 AM Link
100 years ago, the #WinnipegGeneralStrike began. It was a massive showing of solidarity among working people - union and non-union. It is a reminder for us today and going forward, that we are indeed stronger together.

Read up on this very important #canlab history:
14th of May 2019 07:12 AM Link
Our union has a proud history of developing stewards, health and safety reps, local union leaders and other key activists through our USW Education Program. We also want to extend the power of education to Steelworker families, our communities and even deeper into our membership to engage new and young activists too. The Family and Community Education Fund is now accepting applications for project funding, until June 7, 2019.

Visit for more details and to get your application started! #USWWorks #canlab
13th of May 2019 08:49 AM Link
We’re with the CFLPA in their fight for respect and fair treatment. #CFL training camps start on May 19 and players are eager to start. Our message to owners: reach a fair deal now & start the season right. #TeamCFLPA #CFLPA
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10th of May 2019 06:41 AM Link
The strength of global #solidarity!
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9th of May 2019 09:21 AM Link
On May 9, 1992, a lethal build-up of methane gas led to the explosion of the #Westray Coal mine in Stellarton, Nova Scotia and killed all 26 miners working underground.

The Westray Mine disaster was a totally preventable tragedy. The inquiry that followed pointed to greed, incompetence and total disregard for the health and safety of the workers. Families and the labour movement gathered after the disaster and decided to honour the lives lost and fight for changes to the criminal code of Canada. The Westray Bill became law in 2004, giving police and prosecutors new rules for attributing criminal liability to corporations and their representatives when workers are injured or killed on the job.

It has now been twenty-seven years since that tragic day. Today, and every day, we continue fight for justice, and we will never let the death of those twenty-six miners be in vain.

More: #NoMoreWestrays #canlab
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9th of May 2019 05:32 AM Link
USW/Métallos Local 9700 members were locked out by ABI 16 months ago. They were in Pittsburgh yesterday during Alcoa's annual meeting and urged shareholders to issue a mandate to resolve the lockout asap.

They were joined by United Steelworkers International President Leo W. Gerard who shared this message: "It's through global solidarity; through putting global pressure on, that we'll get through a deal. The union will stand behind you." #USWUnity #canlab #syndqc
8th of May 2019 10:59 AM Link
Steelworkers gather in Pittsburgh, PA to demonstrate at Alcoa's shareholders' meeting. 1,030 members of #USW/Métallos Local 9700 were locked out 16 months ago and are urging shareholders to issue a mandate to resolve the lockout asap. #USWUnity #canlab #syndqc
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8th of May 2019 07:07 AM Link
Locked out members of USW/Métallos Local 9700 are in Pittsburgh, to demonstrate at Alcoa’s shareholders’ meeting. ABI, owned by Alcoa, locked out 1,030 Steelworkers 16 months ago and have had no benefits to workers, the government of Quebec and even the company. Sending #solidarity from across the country to our sisters and brothers. #USWUnity #canlab #syndqc
7th of May 2019 12:56 PM Link
We are thrilled to officially announce a strategic alliance with the CFLPA, which represents all CFL Players. This alliance builds a closer unity of purpose between our two associations! We’ll be with you at the bargaining table and in the stadium!

Details here: #USWUnity #CFL #CFLPA #canlab
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7th of May 2019 08:12 AM Link
Last week, legislation was brought forward by the BC NDP Government to improve workers' rights across British Columbia. This bill is the first major update to BC's employment and labour laws in over two decades!

The next step is to get the support of all elected Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to make sure the bill passes. Sign the petition at and let MLAs know that it's time to pass these laws! #canlab #bcpoli
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6th of May 2019 07:09 AM Link
May 6-12 is Mental Health Week in Canada. Please take the time to take care of your own mental health and always be supportive to others. The CMHA National / ACSM National has resources for you to read and share with your co-workers, family and friends. Visit for more info.
#GetLoud about what #MentalHealth really is.
3rd of May 2019 08:47 AM Link
Save the dates: November 18-22, 2019 for the first International #NextGen Conference in Pittsburgh! The conference will bring together young workers from the U.S. and Canada. More details will follow about registration, accommodations and other exciting plans about the conference! Updates will be on this page, so make sure you bookmark it: #USWUnity #canlab
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2nd of May 2019 10:04 AM Link
It is with great sadness that a fatal logging accident on April 28, 2019 took the life of Brother Dylan Montjoy, age 46, while working near Nahwitti River on Northern Vancouver Island. Dylan was a resident of Quesnel, BC who worked as a faller for Lemare Lake Logging Ltd. He leaves behind his wife and 6 children.

The RCMP has completed their review and WorkSafe BC continues its investigation. Details of the accident are not available at this time.
#USW Local 1-1937 has engaged its Emergency Response Team representative to contact and see to the needs of the family. The Local is working to ensure Employee Family Assistance Program Counselling Services are made available to those impacted. Our deepest sympathies go out to Dylan’s wife Carmen, their children, his extended family, friends and co-workers.
2nd of May 2019 06:46 AM Link
The future of work is connected to how we tackle #climatechange Unions are a critical part of this effort.

An op-ed by #USW National Director Ken Neumann and Broadbent Institute | Institut Broadbent's Rick Smith: #USWWorks #canlab #cdnpoli
1st of May 2019 12:43 PM Link
#Solidarity to USW Local 7085! Steelworkers across Canada have your backs and we stand strong with you in your fight for your union representation, your health and safety and pensions and benefits. One day longer, one day stronger! #USWUnity
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1st of May 2019 07:37 AM Link
May is Asian Heritage Month. It is a month to celebrate the contributions Asian Canadians have made to our union, our communities and our country. It is also a month to consider the struggle of Asian Canadians to achieve equality in this country.

Full statement from #USW National Director Ken Neumann: #USWUnity #canlab
30th of April 2019 01:55 PM Link
British Columbia's Minister of Labour and former Steelworker Harry Bains recently announced changes to the province's outdated labour laws. Highlights include:

- A more effective compliance and enforcement of the The Employment Standards Branch.
- 10 days leave for workers escaping domestic violence.
- Better protection of collective bargaining rights for workers by introducing successorship protections.
- Required independent review of the Labour Relations Code every five years to continue to meet the needs of workers and employers.

Read more at: and #canlab #bcpoli
30th of April 2019 09:25 AM Link
The BC NDP government opens up new inquiry into 2012 sawmill explosions that killed four workers and injured dozens of others. The initial inquiry raised more questions than answers and we are hopeful that the new review will prevent similar disasters from happening in the future.

This is the difference between a former government only concerned about the bottom line and a government that truly represents working people.

Full story: #USWWorks #canlab #bcpoli
30th of April 2019 05:00 AM Link
Come work with us at the Canadian National Office. We're looking for a researcher. The deadline is May 5.
29th of April 2019 07:59 AM Link
NextGen Steelworkers from USW Local 2009 in Langley, B.C. organized a Sunday Pancake Breakfast on the National Day of Mourning. They welcomed fellow members, families and community members to the union hall and served breakfast before heading out together for #DayOfMourning ceremonies. #USWUnity #canlab
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